NYC In March

NYC In March

Taking a bite out of the Big Apple

New York city in March is just magical! This past March I went to New York for three days on a family-girls trip. This trip was jammed packed and full of new adventures and a lot of walking. Over 105,600 steps in three days, which is nothing for a New Yorker.

This was my first time in the city, and I fell in love with the synchronized hustle and bustle. I think NYC in general, has been given a bad reputation, that you have to be extremely cautious, no one is nice yada yada yada. My impression of NYC is that this is the mecca of the melting pot, there is a no nonsense attitude, with history, character and soul and demands to be respected. With that being said we landed Saturday morning running determined to take a big bite of the Big Apple!

This is what we did in a nut shell:

Saturday, March 19th – Saturday 8:30 arrival to NYC, had breakfast, saw Time Square, made our way through the subway system to Radio City Music Hall for the tour, interviewed a Rockett(my family said I was Rachel Cronkite), a little shoe shopping at Nine West, checked into the hotel then got ready for our Broadway Show “Shuffle Along” staring six time Tony award winning actress, Audrey McDonald. Then back to the hotel to crash!

Sunday, March 20th – Breakfast, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, American Museum of Natural History Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), Central Park for photos, diner at Bourbon Street Bar & Grille, after dinner we jumped into two taxis and went to the top of the Empire State Building and then it snowed! This Florida Girl Was Very Happy!

Monday, March 21st – Exhausted missed breakfast, but of course had time to go shopping at Macy’s (Union Square) during their “America The Beautiful” flower show, which was amazing! (I wish I took more photos). My family went off to do more shopping and I hung out in Time Square, took some photos with NYPD and of course Ben Higgins from “The Bachelor”, lunch then off to the airport to go home.

I told you it was a whirlwind! But we took a huge bite of the the Big Apple and I look forward to coming back again! BIG THANK YOU to my cousin SL for putting together a great trip.

XOXOX Rachel Socially

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Central Park, the MET and dinner at Bourbon Street Bar & Grill


Impromptu photo shoot with a few individuals slaying it in NYC! THE NAKED COWBOY!


First Taxi Cab by myself, busy streets of New York and snow on top of the Empire State Building.


Broadway “Shuffle Along”, I thought I might be in the middle of “Ghostbusters”, Ben Higgins!

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Happy New Year! 2016 Goal Setting

I have never, and I mean never been a resolution setting type of person when the New Year rolls around. I always figured I am going to be part of the 49% of American’s that have infrequent success with keeping their New Year Resolutions, so why bother, right?

Well, the point in life (for me anyway) is to continue to do better, do more, be more successful. Now that I am married I value the importance of having a plan in place to keep common goals on track. I am now part of a team called Husband & Wife, so no more slacking. We both are setting Goals for 2016, both short term and long term .

I thought I would share my top 4 goals with you.

  1. Make sure I take time for the things I want to do. 

  2. Make sure I take time for the things We want to do. (Hubby & I)

  3. Stay better organized.
  4. Be intentional with each day.

Make sure I take time for the things I want to do. – This may sound selfish and it is but the end result will make sure that I am happy and their for a better, wife, sister, friend, entrepreneur and employee.

Make sure I take time for the things We want to do. – This is to make sure we spend quality time together as our work schedules this year are are very different. We may not be able to spend as much time together as we would like but we can darn sure make sure the time spent together, we are doing something that makes each of us happy, versus sitting in-front of the TV in a vegetative slump.

Stay better organized. – My mother would always tell me “if you lose something clean up and you will find it.” I always thought this was just a tactic of hers to get me to clean up my room. But it really does work, but I hate cleaning! Well if I stay better organized I won’t have to clean up as much then I won’t lose anything, then I won’t be running late. Like how I tied that all together.

Be intentional with each day. – On the weekends I am so guilty of saying oh, I can do it later, I have all day Sunday, then rolls around Sunday night, and I never complete the task at hand. Then I wake up Monday morning frustrated that I did not get to do anything on the weekend. So if I go back to old habits of making sure I accomplish one task a day during the week and at least two tasks a day on the weekend, life will run much smoother.

Are you a resolution setter or a goal setter? Let me know in the comment section below.

XOXOXO Rachel Socially

August Fantastic Four Faves

A. Carols Daughter® Mimosa Hair Honey Hairdress Shine Pomade

I love Carol’s Daughter’s products, they smell wonderful and they get the job done. My fav this month is Carols Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Hairdress Shine Pomade. The pomade melts from the warmth of your hands and does not weigh your hair down while providing awesome shine. Now you can obtain this wonderful line of products at your local Target.

B. Gelish Gel Polish in My Nightly Craving

I have never ever tried Gel Polish! What have I been waiting for?!? Initial I stayed away from gel polish as it typically has a high sales price associated with it, but now I know it is worth every penny. I had acrylics put installed on August 21st for upcoming events that I have leading up to my wedding. I just did not want to deal with nail polish chips and having to carve out time to redo my nails. Therefore acrylics and Gelish Gel Polish in My Nightly Craving. So far so good not one chip in my color, I even helped the my future hubby clean out the gutters and my nails are flawless. I am a Gel Woman Now!

C. Me And My Big Ideas (aka Mambi) The Happy Planner which is part of the Create 365 Collection (Gold Foil Dots)

I have always loved the ARC System by Staples, however I was always looking for more color and a different layout. Enter Stage Left The Happy Planner! Please do yourself a favor and check this planner out and all of the functional decor options.

I know a lot of people are confused about all the names MAMBI, Me and My Big Ideas, The Happy planner, Create 365. So from my understanding here goes: MAMBI is the acronym for Me and My Big Ideas which is the name of the company. Create 365 is the Product Line/Collection and The Happy Planner is the planner itself. Hope that helps.

D. NINE WEST Able Platform Peep-Toe Pumps

These shoes are so incredible comfortable, I never thought I could wear a high heel and enjoy walking so much. I have these in Taupe, I don’t think these are available however I found some very similar on the website which are the Fengshue Platform Heels.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, and look out for the September Fantastic Four Faves next month. Feel free to leave a comment or share.

XOXO, Rachel

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Spring Must Haves


My spring must have essentials this year include two products from EOS ( The EOS Sweet Mint lip balm and Berry Blossom hand lotion. I typically have very normal non problematic skin except when the season changes. My hands get dry (hang nails uggh) my lips are dry no matter how much water I drink. It also seems like my skin gets accustomed to products over time so I change it up. So far so good my lips are nice and smooth, I love the minty smell and tingly on my lips (so does the fiancé). The hand lotion has a nice fragrance that is a burst of spring, and it keeps my hands moisturized in-between hand washing. I love products that smell good but also function as they should.

What are your spring must haves? Leave a comment and let me know

Happy Sunday!

XOXO, Rachel